Silk Spa Style Stakes

Silk Spa Style Stakes

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Introducing a brand new Fashion At The Races event, the SILK SPA STYLE STAKES.

There will be six Style Stakes events held over the 2017/2018 racing season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, which will be open to the public, and two others which will be exclusive to attendees of their complementary events - Skin Juice Ladies Day and Champagne Lawn.

Each Style Stakes event will have three categories;

Singles/Individuals - photo with one person only
BFFs/Couples - photos with a maximum of two people
Squads/Groups - photos with three to six people

Each event will have three judges who will choose the winners from the photos taken at the specific Silk Spa Style Stakes location on each of the six race days.

Winners will receive prize bags containing goodies from our principal sponsor, Silk Spa Taranaki, associate sponsors, & Taranaki Racing Inc.

For full entry information and criteria, click on the link below for event specific information.


Saturday 30 September | Ladies Day Event | Facebook Event

Friday 3 November | Spring Edition | Facebook Event

Wednesday 27 December | Summer Edition | Facebook Event

Saturday 3 February | Champagne Lawn Event | Facebook Event

Saturday 12 May | Autumn Edition | Facebook Event

Saturday 21 July | Winter Edition | Facebook Event



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